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Lavender, a scent of flowers ,  the dry flower sealed inside the bag can be made in Sachet, Sachet on the wardrobe, you can make clothes with a scent, and to prevent insects borers. Commercial cultivation of lavender, lavender is mainly to get a flower to extract the essential oils lavender, lavender essential oil can be used as microbicides and the use of aromatherapy essential oils. Below you will find some tips to make a lavender sachet.

Choose a loose cotton fabric,-silk is best for the top and a thicker fabric for the bottom of each.
2 pcs 10" square of cotton fabric
1/4 Cup lavender flowers, 

Additional Supplies:

Fusible Webbing
Sewing Machine -Using a sewing machine will be a great advantage when making these sachets. However, you will be able to make them using a needle and thread or with fusible webbing too.


1. Fold the 10" square in half and cut it. Fold each half in half again and cut them. You will use only 3 of the 4 pieces.

2. Fold each organza section in half, making a rectangle shape and iron it. Sew one short side and one long side. With one side folded over, sewing the others should make a tube shape with the top open. If you don't have a sewing machine, you may stitch the sides by hand or insert fusible web and iron them together.

3. Fold the organza tubes inside out, so the seam is on the inside. Stuff each with lavender until they are plump.

4. Turn the top section in to create a finished edge. If you are fusing it : Insert a small piece of fusible web and apply a hot iron to seal the end. Or hand sew it closed.

Now , a great lavender sachet is ok. You can put the  lavender sachet in your house to scent your linens, drawers, wardrobe and pillows.

How To Make Herbal Pillows 


This month Im launching a new site called which covers just about every aspect of herb use in daily living you can think of. In order to introduce my dream readers to the site Ive written the following article on How To Make Herb Pillows. You can also check out two other herb related articles of mine featured on Suite 101 topic pages this month. For How To Make Herbal Paper Sachets check out The Letter and Paper Arts and if you suffer from PMS and want to known about herbal relief please stop by Chronic Pain.


In olden days, entire mattresses were composed of aromatic herbs both to induce a restful sleep as well as to repel pest which would otherwise feed on mattress materials. Nowadays, I think we would be harder pressed to find a full herbal stuffed mattress, but herbal pillows are growing in popularity. Their main function to the sleep process is relaxation, using the principles of aromatherapy to help relax the sleeper and would be dreamer. However, those I know who have used herbal pillows say that a combination of hops and lavender in their herb pillows also makes for intriguing dreams.


Basic Materials You Will Need

    A cotton pillowslip, plain muslin or bleached cotton work best as herbs may stain and you can easily wash these.

    A fancier pillowslip which will cover the pillow decoratively, again should be easily washable.

    Loose herbs of your choice.

     Orris root powder as a binder.

    Essential oil of your choice .


Basically, you just want to take the herbal mixture youve chosen (I give one of my favorite recipes below) into the pillowslip and knot off the edge, or sew it if you want to be fancier. Then cover the plain pillowslip with the decorative cover and place the herbal pillow either next to your regular pillow or beneath it. Most people choose not to sleep directly on the herbal pillow, and some even place it beneath their blankets during the day so that when they turn back the bed at night the fragrant herbal aroma greets them and surrounds their slumber


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