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Cassia Seed Pillow
Cassia Seed Pillow
Specifications:18 x 12cm

                                                    Cassia Seed Pillow

 Cassia Seed Pillow info is as follows:

  • fabric:100% conton
  • filling: cassia seeds and polyester                       
  • neutral white
  • safty warning: keep away from fire and flame
  • introduction:Cassia Seed pillows of the eyesight improving healthy series are stuffed with cassia seed and other natural Chinese herbs which are refined with special techniques. It is recorded in Chinese Mterial Medica that cassia seeds can improve eyesight, calm the nevers, rectity heat, refresh the brain, clear the liver, tonify the kidneys, decrease the blood pressure and loe weight.
  • The picture of the filler:Cassia
  • Cassia Seed PillowCassia Seed Pillow



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