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Wheat Back Pillow
Wheat Back Pillow
Specifications:27 x 135cm

                                     Wheat Back Pillow

Wheat Back Pillow is a kind of organic natural back pillow.

Wheat Back Pillow info is as follows:

1.Outer fabric: 100%combed cotton with Exquisite sewing
2.Inner material: 100% wheat with clean finished , anti- mould

Hot and cold pack

Used hot may temporarily relieve:

Muscle soreness,aches and joint pain.

Arthritic,rheumatic and period pain.

Stimulates local blood fiow and aids relaxation.


Used cold may temporarily relieve:

Minor cuts,abrasions and bruises.

Sports injuries,sprains and swelling.

Insect bites,headaches,toothaches and minor bums.


Heating Guide bag:

Microwave on high for 1 min(850watt microwave)

Microwave on high for 90seconds(650watt microwave)

For other wattages adjust time accordingly,

1,Ensure bag cloes not prevent rotation of microwave turmtable.

2,Take care when handling after first distribute the heat.

3,Test on the forearm before using on the body.

4,Not recommended for use as a bed warmer whilst asleep.

5,Ensure the wheat bag is cold and moisture free before storing in a cool,dry place.

Freezer Guide

1,When using as a freezer pack,,place in a plastic bag and store flat.

2,To apply as a cold pack, remove from plastic bag,shake well to distribute seeds evenly, apply directly to body area.


Never heat in conventional oven.Do not overheat bag in mircowave.

Follow instructions carefully.

If bag becomes odorous,splits or leaks,discard immediately.

Always test temperature first before applying to children or the blderly.

Not to be used without adult supervision.


Wheat Back Pillow



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