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 do you have new pillows?Natural pillows Heatpacks,Neck Pillows,Napping Pillows,Eye Pillows,Aromatherapy Sachets,Wrist Pillows,body pillows,Cushions?

   As A Natural pillows manufacturer, We manufacture 12 categories of pillows with over 1500 specifications, which have more than 20 natural functions of physical therapy, and can practically meet the sleeping demands of modern people.    Three families are distinguished by hardness: soft, firm, and mid-firm. The soft pillows, stuffed with hollow cotton, silk, and down, are comfortable and flexible. The firm pillows, filled with buckwheat husk, which is easily molded into any shape you like and offers good supporting capacity, will become more and more popular. The mid-firm pillows are filled with natural bulrush and kapok, which makes them less flexible, but they are naturally fragrant, comfortable, and soft, and have moderate support to the cervical vertebrae.    We have five types of pillows in structure: monolayered, double-layered, three-layered, 3s-ordered, and special-structured. The three-layered complex pillow core is produced with more sophisticated technique. The top and the bottom layers are stuffed with fillings of different hardness, while the middle layer is filled with natural materials with various functions of physical therapy, which makes it more suitable for people’s sleep demands. Suitable Double-Layered Series for Children have different fillings with different hardness in the two layers, which gives them a peculiar patented shape, and makes them more suitable for the children without any fixed sleeping habit.



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Natural pillows manufacturer,Heatpacks,Neck Pillows,Napping Pillows,Eye Pillows,Aromatherapy Sachets,Wrist Pillows,body pillows,Cushions.