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Nursing Cover

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                                                                            Nursing Cover

Stylish and practical - I love it!  It's been invaluable for nursing in public (and looking good all the while).  It's a must-have when I leave the house.\"
Pesha W. - Boulder, CO

\"The Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl was just the thing I needed when family and friends kept stopping by the first few months - it made me feel comfortable and let me stay in the room instead of having to hide-out in the bedroom. And now that we bring him along to restaurants, I can wear it and feel pretty Very flattering!\"
   Melody S. - Seattle, WA

\"Not only good for nursing duty but clean-up too!  It catches the spit-up and protects my shirt when I burp him!
Jennie B. - Atlanta, GA
\"After my friend and I broke out our cover-up's at the restaurant while we nursed, she was envious of mine - esp. the fact that I could leave it on and look cute!  I've had other friends say 'I'd wear that and I'm not even nursing!\"
Jess G. - Berkeley, CA

\"I thought I'd need something to breastfeed in restaurants and just wasn't sure how I would handle it...  I'd seen the aprons with hoops and used one of those for the first couple of months until I discovered the Bamboobies Nursing Shawl - much more stylish and I can still see Haley through the stretchy neck when I need to!\"
Jeanine S. - Los Angeles, CA

\"Very forgiving as a skirt, flattering as a maternity shawl, and practical and stylish as a nursing cover-up.\"
Noelle J. - New York, NY

\"Lets me cover up and take care of my baby in public without feeling uncomfortable or obvious.  I like the fact that it's dark/subtle - no one looks at me like when I put on my other brightly-colored cover-up.\"
Stephanie J. - Los Angeles, CA

\"I've been using my Bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl all the time but just thought I'd write to you to let you know of another great use: an impromptu swaddle blanket!  
Jen F. - Richmond, VA


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